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Smart Window Door Magnet Sensor Detector Compatible with Alexa Google Home Controlled by Phone iPhone Tablet for Home Burglar Security Alarm System with Battery(2 Pack)

SALE PRICE: £30.98

Product description

Colour Name:2 Pack

Why choose ECOOLBUY Door Window Sensor?
ECOOLBUY Door Window Sensor, provides a simple way to monitor critical points of your house or office, such as side door, window, garage, safe, cabinet and more.
It connect to 2.4G wifi directly, no HUB requited, easy to set up your own security System.
Get an instance alert when door or window is Opened, Closed or Tampered by your Android/ Apple phone at anywhere.

Any other advanced features?
★Look up the history record of door/ windows, sharing the devised to family member by only a click.
★Low-energy consumption, up to 5 Years battery life.
★Compliant with CE,FCC and ROHS.

1 Battery: AAA1.5V x 2(include)
2 Standby current: ≤5uA
3 Standby time:6 – 10 months
4 Wireless Type : 2.4GHz
5 Size:Main body : 93mm x40mm x20 mm
6 Small body : 93mm x 13mm x 20 mm
7 Safety Certificate: FCC, CE ,Rohs
8 Weight:95g

★Connection :
1 Make sure the network is 2.4G.If there is a router with 2.4g and 5G, please turn off the 5G network and reconnect. Be as close to the Wi-Fi source as possible, to ensure that the network cannot be connected due to signal problems.
2 Download “Smart Life” APP, click in turn: Home→Upper right corner+(Add Device) → Add Maunally → Security&Sensor→ Contact Sensor(wifi).
★Note: please do not choose ZigBee and bluetooth.
3 Long press the main button of the device for 3-5 seconds until the device rapidly flashes, click “confirmed indicator rapidly blink”, and enter the wireless network password to start pairing.

Installation errors and false alarms:
1 Be sure to put the arrows of the two parts of the device together.
2 Make sure the gap between the arrows after closing the door is within 5mm.
3 Make sure the network signal is good, otherwise the notification will be delayed.
Note: the device must be used within the effective signal range of the WiFi router.

First Available: 22 Oct. 2019
Weight: 159 g
Dimensions: 15.5 x 6.1 x 5.6 cm
Type: Alkaline
Colour: 2 Pack
Batteries Required: Manufacturer reference
Batteries Included: Yes

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