Man who bit security guard has 'changed for better'

A man who bit a security guard at a pub four years ago has faced up to his actions as a changed man, Ipswich District Court heard this week. Kenneth Shane Thomson faced sentence over the incident at Gatton in October 2016, after pleading guilty to assault causing bodily harm on Monday. The incident occurred in the beer garden of the Royal Hotel about 1am on October 15 after Thomson was told to leave.

His defence barrister told the court Thomson had since spent 20 months in a NSW jail but was not convicted of any offence and released. She sought that this time in jail be taken into account. The barrister said he had also been diagnosed with a mental health issue and this was now being treated.

“He no longer socialises like he used to, by drinking in pubs,” she said. “He is on the right track and has employment.” Thomson was dealt with by Gatton Magistrates Court in November for an assault on a police officer that occurred at the hotel on the same night.

The barrister said considerable time had now passed since the offence with Thomson not committing any further offences. Judge Dennis Lynch QC said he accepted Thomson had changed his life. He said the incident occurred when he was told to leave by a security officer and a hotel manager.

He said the manager and a police officer were assaulted and this conduct was previously dealt with by a Gatton court with Thomson convicted and fined £1200. Judge Lynch noted his very difficult life as a child but that he was now employed and a useful member of the community. “You bit the security officer on the arm.

It penetrated the skin and there was bleeding,” he said.

Thomson was convicted and fined £500.

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