NGO lodges police report over Perak flag flown at half mast at stadium incident

IPOH: A non-governmental organisation here has lodged a police report over a group of unknown people who had allegedly flown the state flag at half mast at the Perak stadium. Ipoh Selatan Community Welfare Club president Al Yashir Yahaya said the incident occurred on Friday (May 7). He said the act is seen as rude and demeaning, as a flag is usually flown at half mast as a sign of respect or mourning.

“I am hoping that the police will carry out investigations under the Sedition Act, as this can disrupt the stability and unity in the state, ” he told reporters after lodging the report at the Kampung Rapat police station on Saturday (May 8). Al Yashir advised everyone to respect the state flag and the coat of arms, which is a symbol of national sovereignty regardless of race or religion. Several Malay mainstream media had been reporting recently on late salary payments to Perak FC players, which resulted in the players boycotting training at the stadium last night.

A Malay daily had reported that the training session, which was supposed to start at 10pm, instead turned into a discussion session between Perak FC Club officials and the players.

Apparently in the chaotic situation, it was alleged that some parties had flown the flag at half mast.

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