Pyronix Announces The Release Of Its New Logo, As Part Of Brand Refresh Strategy

Pyronix has released news of its new logo, as part of an ongoing program of activities, aligning the brand with their long heritage and status as a renowned player in the United Kingdom and Ireland (UK&I) security markets.

Pyronix brand refresh

Commenting on the brand refresh, Pyronix Marketing Director, Laurence Kenny, said “Our new logo is reflective of our position in the UK&I markets as a technology based, forward-looking, fresh and dynamic organization. We pride ourselves on our customer focus, services and product evolution designed to bring our customers along with us while helping them grow their professional installation businesses.” With 2021 marking the company’s 35th anniversary, the brand refresh isn’t just cosmetic for Pyronix, but represents the evolution of the business and its commitment to delivering innovative product solutions and outstanding customer services.

Focus on UK&I security markets

Following the acquisition in May 2016, Pyronix continues to operate within the Hikvision group of companies”

Pyronix operates out of five sites in the United Kingdom (including three in Rotherham, South Yorkshire) and employs over 230 people in the UK. The manufacturing unit in Rotherham, purpose built in 2015, produces the majority of Pyronix’ products, with a separate distribution center, head office, and two dedicated R&D centers, one in Doncaster and one in Bracknell. “Following the acquisition in May 2016, Pyronix continues to operate within the Hikvision group of companies.

Currently, our main focus is the UK&I security markets and we are excited to introduce many new products and solutions in the near future,” said Guy Dodd, Pyronix UK&I Sales Director.

Changes across the board

Pyronix is rolling out the brand refresh over the coming months, with changes across the board, including packaging and other materials.

Laurence Kenny further stated, “With our strong brand in the UK&I, we wanted to send the message of our evolution, not revolution, and feel that this refresh better represents Pyronix to our existing and new customers, reminding everyone of exactly who we are and what we’re about: Customer focused, British design and manufacturing, UK&I focused product development.

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