Twitch streamer Alinity files police report after unwanted visit from fans

Source: Alinity

Twitch streamer Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon posted a Tweet on Sunday afternoon revealing that she filed a police report after fans showed up at her house uninvited. She also took the opportunity to condemn the practice of showing up at content creator’s houses, an issue that has been commonplace for years now. “Showing up at a content creators house is considered harassment,” wrote the streamer on Twitter. “I do not tolerate this and will be contacting the police and an incident report will be filed.”

In a follow-up tweet, she said, “I’m fine, I was pretty shaken up. It was just a bunch of bored children that thought it would be funny?” The reactions to Alinity’s post have been very supportive, with many Twitter users agreeing that it is never appropriate to stalk or harass online creators, regardless of your intentions.  

Over the years, influencers including the likes of David Dobrick, Logan Paul, Pewdiepie, Philip Defranco, and many others have published videos and tweets asking fans not to show up at their homes.

Most recently, Steven “Boogie” Williams was arrested for an incident last year, in which he fired a gunshot as a warning to a stalker who showed up at his house after an on-stream interaction.

Despite the practice being widely criticized and condemned by the creator community, Sunday’s incident shows that cyberstalking remains a huge cause of concern for influencers.   

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