WATCH: Security guard hides in bushes after armed muggers surround citizen

KARACHI: A CCTV footage captured the moment a security guard hiding in the bushes when he saw armed muggers returning to the same street after looting valuables of a Karachi citizen, ARY News reported on Friday. A CCTV footage has spotted a security guard hiding behind the bushes when the muggers came back to them while waving the weapon after looting a motorcyclist. The video showed the armed muggers stopped a motorcyclist in a residential society of Sachal area of the metropolis.

Despite witnessing the criminals while busy looting the citizen, the security guard did not take any action. Read: Karachi elderly man fights off dacoit, foils robbery bid After the criminals went away from the scene, the security guard came near to the citizen.

Just a moment later, the security guard was seen running in the bushes to hide when the criminals return to the street end while waving arms.

Two-member dacoit gang busted

Police officials have busted a two-member gang of dacoits who used to follow and loot the citizens coming out of different banks in Karachi. Police told media that the gang members were also involved in injuring citizens over resisting the crime. The gang members had carried out dacoities in Liaquatabad, Ayesha Manzil and Malir areas, said police.

It emerged that one of the gang members used to stay inside the bank building to report his accomplices about the citizen who is going out of a bank with cash.

Police added that several members of the same gang had also been arrested.



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