Abloy UK launches the CIPE Manager access management system at International Security Expo 2021

Abloy UK is showcasing its range of innovative digital access solutions at the International Security Expo 2021, inviting visitors to stand B110 to see its exciting new range of products which includes CIPE Manager, a new access management solution created to meet the demanding requirements of critical infrastructure protection.

User-friendly digital management system

CIPE Manager allows organisations to manage all their keys, locks, and access rights from any location, with a user-friendly, cloud-based management system, which can connect with every locking solution in Abloy’s digital portfolio. These include Abloy BEAT the keyless Bluetooth padlock, the electromechanical PROTEC2 CLIQ(R), and the SMARTair(TM) access control system, as well as Abloy’s high-security mechanical master key systems. This range of traditional and digital access solutions can be combined in a variety of ways to meet virtually any requirements, providing flexible, scalable, and compliant security, while helping to control the movement of people in a wide range of industries, building types, and applications.

Keyless padlock system

BEAT is IP68 rated and ATEX certified and is designed specifically for the physical protection of critical infrastructure

ABLOY BEAT is a new keyless padlock that combines three main components: a digital key, a mobile application, and a heavy-duty, Bluetooth padlock, all managed with the visual CIPE Manager user interface. BEAT is IP68 rated and ATEX certified, and is designed specifically for the physical protection of critical infrastructure, businesses, and remote sites, and physically secures property while offering customers improved operational efficiency, reducing both logistics and costs.

Easy to use locking system

PROTEC2 CLIQ(R) is an easy-to-use locking system, approved for UK government use, trusted by many critical infrastructure organisations across the globe. It enables remote key management and provides comprehensive audit trails on locks and padlocks which fulfils the requirements of regulators.

The risk of lost or stolen keys is eliminated as they can quickly be removed from the system, so security can be confidently maintained in circumstances where a key has been misplaced.

Wireless access control system

SMARTair Openow(TM) mobile solution allows controllers to send, revoke and update virtual keys remotely in seconds SMARTair(TM) wireless access control system that provides advanced, user-friendly access management with multiple credential options – key cards, fobs, and mobile phones. With intuitive management software, the company control, identify and update exactly who can open every door.

They get an instant overview of their site’s security status. The SMARTair Openow(TM) mobile solution allows controllers to send, revoke and update virtual keys remotely in seconds. SMARTair can help fulfil fire and escape compliance requirements and is ideal for use in high-traffic offices and administrative buildings.

Browser-based interface

Steve Wintle, Head of CI at Abloy UK said, that provides a clear overview of the critical locking points, connecting mechanical, electromechanical, and keyless locking solutions in the same system.

Access rights can be updated, and access permissions granted and revoked remotely from any location with most mobile devices or desktop computers, using the browser-based user interface.” “CIPE Manager provides digital convenience, control, and security that simplifies managing daily processes, adding operational efficiency and complete situational awareness – ultimately improving security, efficiency, and saving money. Im very much looking forward to sharing this in my presentationOperational efficiency vs Asset securityin the Product Innovation Theatre, at 12.55 pm on 28th September 2021.”

Held at Olympia London from 28th- 29th September 2021, the International Security Expo 2021 provides a unique environment for security experts to buy, test, and demonstrate products, as well as networking opportunities.

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