Egyptian court hands down death penalty for 4 convicts for storming, burning Samalut police station

CAIRO – 13 September 2021: A criminal court in Minya governorate, Upper Egypt, on Monday handed down sentences ranging between death penalty, life imprisonment, and 15-10 years in prison for 73 defendants in a trial dubbed in media as “Storming and Burning the Samalut police station.” The incidents of storming and burning the police station at Samalut city in Minya dates back to 2013 during the wave of riots that accompanied the dispersal of the pro-Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins in Cairo Rab’a square and Giza’s Al-Nahda square.  Death verdict was sentenced for four convicts.

Meanwhile, 22 other co-defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment (25 years in jail each).  Also, the court sentenced 20 other convicts to 15 years in jail. Fifteen defendants were given 15 years in prison each.  The case was dismissed for ten others who were pardoned by a presidential decree.

The charges were dropped against another defendant due to his death. Furthermore, one defendant was acquitted of the charges. As per the court ruling, all the defendants shall pay the sum of LE 22.2 million, the cost of buildings and facilities that were destroyed during the riot incidents. 

All the convicts, except the pardoned ones, shall be placed under security surveillance for 3 years.

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