Police report says child killed by armoured police vehicle was ‘primarily negligent’

A Turkish police report found that seven-year-old Mihrac Miroglu, who was killed by an armoured police vehicle in Sirnak’s Idil district on September 3, was “primary negligent”, Mezopotamya news agency reported on Friday. Seven-year-old Mihrac Miroglu lost his life after being hit by an armoured police vehicle when he was riding a bicycle in Idil district in Turkey’s Kurdish-majority southeastern province of Sirnak on September 3. The police officer accused of running over Miroglu, M.K., argued in his statement that he was innocent, contrary to eyewitness accounts of the incident, Mezopotamya Agency reported.

The child’s bike broke into three pieces as a result of the crash.

And while one of his slippers was found at the scene of the incident, investigators discovered the other had been thrown to a barn-like building nearby, the agency reported.

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