ADT vs Ring for Business – which offers the best security for businesses?

ADT and Ring are both among the best security systems for business, but their respective offers are quite different. ADT offers a huge array of sensors and solutions, requires professional installation, and is particularly well-suited to large or multi-location businesses, while Ring for Business offers a DIY, modular approach to security that will undoubtedly appeal to small business owners and single-store retailers and restaurateurs.  In this article, we take a closer look at ADT vs Ring, comparing the most important business features and providing the best use cases for each.

Please note that Ring for Business is a service only offered in the US.

What we compared

Here are the factors that we took into consideration for this comparison:

Installation and setup

This is one area where ADT and Ring for Business differ substantially.

Installation of an ADT security system will be performed by a professional after a free risk-assessment. You’ll work with an ADT representative to build a custom solution for your business. A security professional can also come and do an on-site assessment.

The system will then be installed by an ADT professional. This is a good solution for more complex security needs.

Warehouse shelves with stock

Larger spaces may require more complex security systems. ADT offers on-site consultations and professional installation (Image credit: Pexels (Tiger Lily))

Ring for Business offers a DIY solution in addition to professional installation.

You can call the company to discuss your needs and get recommendations on the kind of hardware that you should get.  For many smaller businesses, the ability to self-install can be preferable: you can do it on your own time, rather than having to schedule somebody to come in, and you save on installation costs. If your security needs are simple, self-installation may be more convenient.


Pricing for ADT can be obtained by calling for a quote.

According to the website, small business solutions are available from just £2 per day. Larger and multi-site businesses, however, will have to coordinate with ADT based on their needs and budget. For example, a residential ADT package that includes 24/7 alarm monitoring, a digital keypad, three door or window sensors, motion detector, alarm siren, backup battery, wireless remote, and window decals costs £9 per month.

Businesses should expect an upfront cost for hardware and ongoing costs for monitoring and maintenance. ADT contracts start at three years, which may be too long for small businesses looking to start out with a new security system.

ADT Secure

ADT Interactive

ADT Complete

Price Call for Quote Call for Quote Call for Quote
Intrusion detection & hold-up alarm monitoring ? ? ?
Temperature & flood monitoring ? ? ?
Even history ? ?
Alerts & Notifications ? ?
Custom scheduling ? ?
Remote access, arm & disarm ? ?
Climate & lighting control ? ?
Small appliance management ? ?
Video ?

Pricing for Ring for Business is given on the website. An eight-piece Business Alarm Security Kit containing a Ring base station, keypad, four window or door sensors, motion detector, and range extender costs £249.99 or £349.99 with two cameras.

You can also build your own solution by buying parts individually. A six-pack of contact sensors costs £99.99, motion detectors cost £29.99, keypads cost £49.99, and smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors cost £34.99. For £20 per month, the Ring Protect Pro plan gets you video history, saving and sharing, smart alerts and responses, 24/7 professional monitoring, alarm cellular backup, Alexa Guard Plus, a three-year extended warranty on hardware, and 10% off further Ring products (a great bonus for small but growing businesses whose security needs may expand with the addition of a new location or workspace).




Protect Pro

Price £3/mo or £30/year (save 16%) £10/mo or £100/year (save 16%) £20/mo or £200/year (save 16%)
Motion-activate notifications ? ? ? ?
Real-time video ? ? ? ?
Two-way communication ? ? ? ?
Theft protection ? ? ? ?
Video history (60 days), saving & sharing ? ? ?
Snapshots throughout the day ? ? ?
Person alerts ? ? ?
Rich notifications ? ? ?
Extended device warranty ? ?
10% off Ring products ? ?
24/7 Professional Monitoring ?

Apps and user interface

The ADT app for iOS

The ADT app for iOS has a top rating of 4.8 out of 5 (Image credit: ADT)

The Ring app for iO

Ring offers a simple, intuitive app for controlling your system (Image credit: Ring)

The ADT app is one of the highest-rated apps on the market, with an impressive score of 4.8/5 from both iOS and Android users.

The Ring for Business app has a slightly lower but still good rating of 4.5/5. Both apps enable you to arm and disarm a system, lock and unlock doors, adjust lighting and temperature, view and record video from multiple cameras and locations, and add users and guests.  In addition to its app for small and medium-sized businesses, ADT offers the ADT Commercial eSuite for larger businesses.

It allows for rich analytics and deeper integration with existing systems. It’s been designed for multi-site businesses, especially those spread across a large geographical area.The eSuite activity dashboard summarizes key information and offers rich analytics, like event types per region or time period. You can create complex automated schedules, test and see the health of remote systems, and more.

It’s available on desktop and mobile.

Users and groups

Adding a shared user on the Ring app

Give access to video and smart locks through the Ring app (Image credit: Ring)

The Ring app has simple shared access. You can add Shared Users, who can view and download videos but cannot remove devices or change settings. Shared users can also be assigned their own code for alarm keypads to arm and disarm and for the Z Lock to access controlled areas. 

The ADT app offers more advanced user settings. The basic app enables you to create users, define what keypads and locks they have access to, and generate a keycode. ADT Commercial eSuite goes much further, with user groups, advanced permissions, automations, and onboarding and offboarding for controlled access areas.

Sensors and Cameras

A Ring camera on a countertop in front of a workshop

Ring, like ADT, offers a variety of security cameras for use indoors and outdoors (Image credit: Ring)

Both ADT and Ring have a huge range of sensors and cameras.

The Ring store also has convenient bundles that enable you to save money when buying a new system or multiple sensors or cameras. You’ll find smoke, temperature, flood, carbon monoxide, door and window sensors, as well as motion detectors, flood lights, smart locks, and smart plugs for each solution.  There are also many “Works with Ring” devices to extend Ring’s offer, including garage door openers, fob readers, and water shut-offs. 

ADT Commercial works with various third parties to offer a nearly unlimited number of sensors and cameras to match just about any business situation, including electronic tag sensors for clothing and retail shops, occupancy management cameras, and fire suppression solutions. Complex businesses, like pharmaceutical companies, factories, hospitals, and government sites, will want ADT’s expertise and flexibility.

Access control

ADT access control devices

ADT offers various access control solutions for all industries (Image credit: ADT)

ADT offers several access control solutions. With ADT Commercial, there’s a virtually unlimited number of ways that keypads and fob readers can be integrated into doors, vaults, hatchways, etc.

Large businesses with complex access control needs, like in health or IT, will find everything that they need here.  Ring for Business’s access control solutions are much simpler. Smart door locks are available through third parties, like the Yale Real Living Assure Lock SL with Z-Wave Plus (£219.99).

You can assign different codes to different users and lock and unlock from the Ring app. It works with a deadbolt mechanism, though, so it’s only suitable for traditional doors. It works well to protect an office or backroom.

Which security system is best for me?

Large or multi-site businesses or those with complex or particular security needs will find a good partner in ADT.

ADT Commercial is especially well-suited to retailers, restaurant chains, hospitals, government offices, banks, industrial sites, pharmaceutical companies, and transportation companies. Its small business solutions are quite comprehensive, though, and shouldn’t be disregarded outright. Professional installation is required, and contracts start at three years, although there is a six-month money-back guarantee. 

Ring for Business is a simple DIY solution that will appeal to small, single-site businesses that need basic security coverage. Access control is limited, but there are plenty of different sensors and cameras to keep your site safe, and the app is simple to use. Pricing is transparent and cost-effective.

It’s a good choice for small businesses looking for simple, trustworthy security.


Ring for Business

Installation and setup Professional installation Professional or DIY
Pricing Available by quote Starting at £249.99 for hardware; £20 / month ongoing
Apps and user interface Mobile app is intuitive and simple to use; commercial eSuite is powerful and feature-rich Mobile and web apps are simple and straightforward
Employee access Shared Users can view videos and have their own keypad code Add users with per-device access; eSuite offers advanced features
Sensors and cameras Solutions for all industries and use cases Smoke, flood, temperature, motion
Access control Solutions for all industries and use cases Smart locks with deadbolts

What our reviewers said

ADT is a solid and reliable choice for both small business and large commercial enterprises. It’s also a good pick for industry-specific security solutions, like those needed by pharmacies, automotive businesses, and retail. […] ADT provides outstanding features and excellent customer service, and its hardwired systems are ultra-reliable.
Score: 4/5
Read our full ADT review.

Ring for Business will appeal most to small business owners with a single office or storefront. Initial infrastructural costs are relatively low, with a business kit starting at £249.99 […].  The interface is well thought-out and includes useful business features like employee access management and individual keypad codes. 
Full review coming soon.

Alternatives to ADT and Ring

For small businesses, SimpliSafe is a good alternative.

Pricing starts at just £10/month with a basic hardware kit that’s suitable for businesses and available at £259 for small spaces. True to its name, SimpliSafe offers simple, straightforward, DIY security, much like Ring. The only big downside is that it doesn’t integrate with Z-Wave or IFTTT, which Ring does.

For businesses on a budget, Lorex is an affordable solution. There are no ongoing costs (although this does mean there’s no monitoring service). There are thousands of sensors, cameras, and accessories, with a focus on commercial properties, like warehouses, and small businesses, like retail shops.

Lorex partners (a free service) get reduced pricing, dedicated support, 60-day returns, and volume discounts for multiple locations.

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Physical security is one important aspect of keeping your business safe, but cyberthreats are just as menacing. Network monitoring tools can help you track the health and performance of your business network, while business antivirus software and professional password managers will help keep your electronic assets as safe as possible.

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