Aico Ei146RC Smoke Alarm

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  • 230V Mains powered with 9V alkaline battery backup (included)
  • Easi-fit base (included) for simple alarm head replacement
  • Loud Alarm – 85dB(A) at 3m with Built in test / hush button
  • Interconnectable with all Aico 230V smoke alarms
  • Not compatible if a control switch is included in the circuit

Product description

Product Description

The Ei146 is a high performance optical (photoelectric) smoke alarm with a high sensitivity photodiode The alarm will sound when sufficient smoke enters the chamber and is more responsive to smouldering fires (e g furniture TVs) Suitable for fitting in most locations with the exception of the kitchen / garage where fumes may give rise to false alarms May also be susceptible to false alarms from steam if located near bathrooms The alarm is 230V AC mains powered with a 9V alkaline backup battery capable of lasting up to 4 years in standby and of powering the alarm for up to 2 years without mains power Supplied with an ‘Ease-fit’ surface mounting plate The Alarm connects to the mains and interconnect/control connections automatically as it slides on to the mounting plate making replacement easy The alarm has a green LED mains indictor light and a red LED to indicate the alarm has triggered Integral Test/Hush button tests circuitry sensor and horn & activates all interconnected alarms in the system Also operates ‘Hush’ feature to silence nuisance alarms This alarm can be interconnected with up to 20 other Aico 230V alarms but is not compatible if a separate control switch is included in the circuit Radio LINK wireless interconnect capability when used with an Ei168RC Radio LINK base It performs an automatic self test every 40 secs has a low battery warning & advanced circuitry to reduce the chance of false alarms Manufactured in Ireland Kite marked to BS EN14604 2005 5 Year manufacturer’s Compatible Alarms Aico Ei141 Ionisation smoke detector – Search ASIN B00344146I Aico Ei 144 Heat alarm – Search ASIN B003NW37H0 Box Contains Optical alarm ease-fit base 9V battery dust cover fixing plugs x 2 screws x 2 Installer & User Instructions

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Selling 2X Ionistion Smoke detectors and 2x optical smoke detectors

Weight: 458 g
Dimensions: 20.4 x 21.8 x 7.2 cm
Model: Ei146RC