GVS SPR496 Elipse Mask with A2P3 Filters for Organic Gases and Vapours until 5000 ppm and Dust, M/L

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About this item

  • This mask is recommended for metal fumes and dust in confined space, gas welding, paint, moulds, epoxite. Also suitable for solvents, various organic gases and pesticides.
  • Extremely lightweight and compact to give the wearer as much comfort as possible. It offers a full range of vision without interfering with other eye or ear protection which users are required to wear
  • Low breathing resistance to reduce the risk of user fatigue and to add additional comfort. Filters last up to 3 years and can be easily replaced.
  • Made from soft thermoplastic odorless elastomer that is hypoallergenic (without latex and silicone) and an easy-to-adjust headband
  • Certifications: Mask Body EN140: 1998. A2P3 R D Filters EN14387: 2004 + A1: 2008. CE 2797
Dimensions: 20.2 x 14.8 x 14 cm; 370 Grams
Model: SPR496
Manufacture: GVS
Department: Unisex
Department: Unisex
Origin: United Kingdom

From the manufacturer

Elipse A2P3

FFA2P3 Paint
Protection and fields of application

Gas filters contain activated carbon granules with high absorption performance and low breathing resistance.

Each mask is equipped with two filters for protection against gas, vapors and dust.

  • Organic gases, mist and fumes
  • Welding – Metal Fumes
  • Epoxite, Paint, Solvants
  • Pesticides
  • All dust

Elipse A2P3 half mask

Soft, light, anti-fog and resistant, it protects against dust and toxic fumes

The Elipse A2P3, designed and manufactured in the UK by GVS, represents a groundbreaking innovation in the respiratory world.

These lightweight, ergonomic masks can easily be worn with glasses, helmets and headphones, and allow the operator an unrivalled field of vision.

The masks are made of hypoallergenic materials, with filters offering a protection for organic gases and dust combined.

Filters permanently attached and not replaceable.

  • Soft, light weight (334 g) and durable
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • Available in two sizes, S/M or M/L
  • Comfortable and hypoallergenic
  • HESPA P3 filters
  • Compatible with eyewear
  • Combined filters
  • CE approved to EN140: 1998, EN14387: 2004 + A1: 2008 A2P3 R D

High respiratory protection and resistance thanks to the double filter system





High Efficency Synthetic Particulate Airfilter – this filter technology is used on the whole Elipse range. The 7 layers of filtering fabric provide a mechanical filtration witch ensures a minimum filtration efficiency of 99.95%. The filters are water resistant and replaceable.


A line of extremely light weight masks that offer superior comfort and fit. The mask compact profile ensures unrivalled line of sight, permitting the use of other PPE such us eyewear or hearing protection. The masks are made from medical grade, hypoallergenic and odour free material, free from latex and silicone.


Combined GVS A2P3 filters protect against gas, solvents, organic vapors and dust.

GVS Elipse size Chart
P3 A1P3 A2P3 ABEK1P3 Integra P3 Integra A1P3
Paint Vapour
Silica Dust
Wood Dust
Cement Dust
Amonia based chemicals