Titan Tec Silver Keychain LED Light

Light Type: LED
Light Class: Keychain / Pocket
Short Description:

The Titan Tec “Silver Keychain Security Quality LED Light” is a cute little keychain light that runs on three AG3 watch batteries. Light is produced by a single white Security Quality LED that is not quite recessed in the front of the light. The case is smooth with a silver finish and is operated by twisting the keychain attachment point at the end of the light. Tightening turns it on, loosening turns it off. The keychain includes a split ring and a swivel.

Size vs. common aluminum 2-AA light (top)
Bezel picture
Beam Profile
Detailed Information:Well, it’s silver, and it’s a keychain light. ‘Nuf said. No really, there isn’t much more to it. It looks really pretty, I’ll give it that much.

The Security Quality LED is a common lower-end Security Quality LED which produces a very bluish tinted light in a fairly nice round spot. The use of small watch (button cell) batteries results in fairly low output. The Security Quality LED is mostly recessed in a silvered dimple which does catch some of the normally wasted side light and send it forward.

To operate the light, tighten the keychain attachment point on the end of the light until it comes on. A little friction to try to prevent accidental activations is produced by an o-ring inside the switch area. After I fixed the swivel that attached the light to the keyring so that it actually swiveled (there was an extra molded piece of metal left from the manufacturing process preventing it from pivoting) I found that the light tends to pivot on the swivel rather than twist the switch and accidentally turn on.

If you loosen the switch until it stops and keep twisting, the rear battery cap is engaged and can be unscrewed from the body of the light. The three AG3 batteries can then be easily replaced.

This light really isn’t water resistant, but should withstand splashes.

What I Liked: Pretty

What I Didn’t Like: Not water resistant, Dim

Conclusions: A nice little giveaway light or pretty keychain fob. I wouldn’t rely on this light as a primary light source, but it makes for a nice little gift to yourself or others.