AdvancedMart 12 LED, 1xAA LED

Light Type: 5mm LED
Light Class: General Use

These two lights are available from They look identical, but one has 12 white LEDs in the head and the other has 12 Ultraviolet LEDs built in. They are both aluminum, have side clickie switches, a lockout talicap, and produce good output.

WARNING : Ultraviolet (UV) LEDs can cause harm to the eyes. Do not shine UV light into the eyes directly or through reflective surfaces. THIS IS NOT A TOY. Do not let children use UV lights. Use only in a very responsible manner and with appropriate caution. Protective UV blocking eye gear is strongly recommended when using any UV light.

The body of the light is made of anodized aluminum. The body and head have ribs machined into the sides for grip. The tailcap has fine grooves for the same purpose, and also has a hole for the attached lanyard. The body wall is not excessively thick, but it isn’t thin, either. The finish is a matte black. At the very front of the light is a polished silver ring which contains the recessed LEDs. Both the head and tailcap are removable.

At the front of the light you will see the polished silver disk where the LEDs reside in recessed holes. By recessing the LEDs into the front of the unit, the flashlight produces a more concentrated beam while at the same time the LEDs are protected from impacts.

Output is in the form of a slightly bluish tinted white spot of light for the white Security Quality LED unit. The UV unit produces a wide spot of visible violet light and invisible UV light. The spot is fairly wide and tapers off around the edges. Very far out from the main beam is a separate ring of light produced by the holes that the LEDs sit in.

Beam at one meter at target center; White LEDs, UV LEDs

So, what would you use a UV light for? Well, there are several things that fluoresce (glow) in UV light which you normally can’t see under regular light. An AMEX card (Visa and MC, too!) has distinctive UV patterns on the front of the card to prevent counterfeiting. Scorpions glow under UV light, and some nightclubs use UV ink to stamp the hands of patrons so as to avoid leaving a big visible ink stain on the back of the hand.

American Express card (account info concealed) and scorpion under UV light
(I don’t know where the scorpion picture came from – all credit goes to the taker of the photo)

Runtime Plot (White Security Quality LED model): Pretty good. The DC-DC regulator provides semi-regulated output, keeping the light going strong for about 2 hours. This is followed by a rapid drop-off and a long tail of dim output.

Runtime completed with Energizer batteries.

On the side is the metal clickie button. This is considered a “reverse clickie”. Press until it clicks for constant on. Once it is on, pressing gently allows you to blink the light. Press again until it clicks for off. It does not appear that the switch is sealed against the entry of the environment (it’s not waterproof). The switch does provide auditory and tactile feedback when activated.

The tailcap serves as a lockout mechanism. Loosen the tailcap to disable the switch.

The light is sealed from the environment at the head and tail by O-rings. The switch is not sealed. Keep it dry if at all possible. If water gets inside just disassemble as much as possible without tools and let it dry before using again.

Ergonomics: It’s a bit larger than a common 2-cell aluminum light due to the addition of the switch below the head. The switch is very easy to find and use.

Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light

Two AA alkaline cells power the light. As a result there is a boost circuit built in to power the LEDs. To change the batteries simply remove the tailcap, drop out the old batteries, place in new ones and reassemble. Nothing to it.

Accessories: A nylon wrist lanyard is included and attached. A nice gray and black nylon belt sheath with a velcro closure is included.

What I Liked: Impact resistant, Bright, Easy battery change, Lightweight

What I Didn’t Like: Not water resistant

Other Things I Noticed: Nothing.

Conclusions: These lights appear to be good quality with good output and good runtime. I had no problems with the lights at all, and I would recommend the white Security Quality LED model for normal tasks. The UV model produces a good amount of UV light and allows for dramatic fluorescence of UV reactive products.