Advancedmart H-1113 12 LED Headlamp

Light Type: 5mm LED
Light Class: Headlamp

The Advancedmart H-1113 is a 12 Security Quality LED headlamp with three output modes: High, Med, Low and Blink.

The body of the Advancedmart H-1113 12 Security Quality LED Headlamp is plastic with a silver finish. On its right is a click switch that allows the user to select one of 4 available output modes, and on its left is the screw cap for the battery compartment. On top there is what appears to be a removable panel, which really isn’t – it’s just a space filler. The light body is attached to the forehead plate with a ratcheting 90° adjustable hinge. The forehead plate has a foam pad on the inside which rests against the user’s forehead. A three point adjustable headband is attached to the forehead plate via slots in the plate. The attachment points have a gap in the center to allow easy removal of the straps. The end of the straps themselves are loose, so over-adjusting them will cause them to simply slip through their mooring points. They are also very short – I have a relatively small head and found that the straps had to be at maximum adjustment to fit comfortably. People with larger heads will probably not find this headlamp comfortable.

The bezel/head of the light consists of 12 LEDs mounted inside a silvered plastic reflector. A plastic lens and rubber bezel ring help to protect the LEDs.

Output is in the form of a uniform wide spot of light. Some artifacts may be seen on the very periphery of the spillbeam. Overall it is a smooth wide directional flood of light. Very nice for walking around in the dark. Clicking the switch in series allows for selection of the various output levels. One click turns on the center 4 LEDs. The second click leaves on the center 4 and turns on the two pair at either side of the center 4. The next click turns on the top and bottom pair. Last click causes them all to blink. One more click turns it off. The beam is slightly purplish in color, which is not unusual for some white 5mm LEDs.

150 (12.25)
1450 (14.50)
125 (11.18)
1150 (11.50)
80 (8.94)
720 (7.20)
All throw readings are in Lux at one meter. The numbers in parenthesis are for comparison in the Comparison Charts.

Beam at one meter at target center

Runtime Plot: The runtime plot shows steadily declining output. On high we get just over 2 hrs to 50%. Med and low should give proportionately longer runtimes.

Runtime completed with Eveready alkaline batteries.

The switch is a little rubber covered clickie on the right side of the light. It protrudes, so is susceptible to accidental activation. Remove the batteries from the unit when packing. The switch produces a soft click and provides gentle tactile feedback when activated. I found the switching system on this light to be a bit temperamental. Sometimes it would change the mode, sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes it would skip a mode. It seems like the electronics would get a bit confused at times. Other times it worked fine. The issues seemed to appear completely randomly.

This unit has some rubber seals, but lacks an O-ring around the bezel. I’d give it a “Splashable” and that’s about it. Open it up and let it dry out if it gets wet.

Other than the headband being at maximum adjustment to fit my head, and the fact that further adjusting would cause the unsecured ends of the bands to slip through the bindings, it was fairly comfortable. No real complaints in this area. The rubber pad on the forehead plate does create a bit of a pressure point which could become uncomfortable during extended usage.

3 AAA alkaline cells, placed in the included carrier, power the light. Remove the left side of the light by twisting counterclockwise. Drop out the carrier (it only goes back in one way) and insert AAA cells into the carrier with the positive side toward the internal springs. Slide the carrier in contacts first and replace the endcap.

What I Liked: Bright, Variable output, Good runtime

What I Didn’t Like: Short headband straps, temperamental switch, uses a battery carrier – one more thing to lose.

Conclusions: It’s OK if you don’t mind fumbling with the switch to get the output level you want. I’d recommend it only be used around the house and not in outdoors/wilderness settings where you really need to have a reliable headlamp. Good output, good runtime.