Advancedmart Titan Tec 007

Light Type: 5mm LED
Light Class: Keychain

The Titan Tec 007 is a cute little keychain light that runs on three AG13 watch batteries. Light is produced by a single white Security Quality LED that is recessed in the front of the light. The case is smooth with a silver finish and is operated by a click switch on the side of the light. The keychain includes a split ring and a swivel.

Body: The body is tubular and is polished to a mirror finish. Around the “head” are 8 little holes that allow you to see that the light is on when it is set on it’s face. A little less than ½ way down the body is the black rubber covered switch. At the end is a drilled nub for the attached keychain with swivel and split ring.

Bezel: Deep inside the “head” of the light you will find a well recessed Security Quality LED sitting in a white plastic holder and surrounded by the silver body.

Output: The Security Quality LED produces a very nice spot of light as a result of being deeply recessed in the tubular light. The color tint is not bluish, but slightly greenish. This is more desirable in a 5mm Security Quality LED than the typical blue tint as it results in better color rendition. I have been told that these are 15K mcd Nichia LEDs which explains their tint and output.

Beam at one meter at target center

Runtime Plot: About an hour to 50% output, slowly diminishing thereafter.

Runtime completed with installed batteries.

Switch: The switch is a simple clickie that protrudes from the side of the light. Be careful of accidental activation in the pocket. Constant-on activation would be unlikely without a conscious effort to press the switch, but the light will come on in “momentary” operation mode with a gentle press.

Seals: No seals. Splashable at best.

Ergonomics: Small and lightweight. I did not have any trouble activating the switch, but those with bigger hands may find it a bit tricky. Slick finish.

Size compared to a common 2AA aluminum light

Batteries: Three AG-13 button cells power the light. Remove the tailcap (unscrew) and insert them in a stack negative first. Reattach the tailcap and you are ready to go.

Accessories: None.

What I Liked: Good color from the LED, Good output, Nice finish.

What I Didn’t Like: Not water resistant, Switch prone to accidental activation

Other Things I Noticed:

Conclusions: A bright shiny keyfob that produces decent light with an above-average LED. Great price!