Aitec Rescue-Stick Light

Light Type: LED
Light Class: Special Purpose
Short Description:

AT1730L – Photo courtesy of Aitec. Used with permission.

The AT1730L Personal Rescue-Stick light is made by Aitec Co.,Ltd. It is intended as an automobile rescue tool and contains, in addition to a single 5mm white Security Quality LED flashlight, a steel tip for breaking automotive windows and a hidden seatbelt cutter.

The light is made from machined aircraft aluminum which has been anodized for corrosion resistance and color. It is opened by unscrewing the seatbelt cutter (hidden under the tailcap) to replace the three LR44 button cell batteries. There is a hole on the tailcap for the attachment of a lanyard. The body has gentle wave-like shape for improved grip and grooves around the tailcap for ease of removal of the seatbelt cutter cover. A slight microtexture running around the circumference of the body can be felt which helps with grip. The head of the light has a step-like series of rings for cosmetic appearance. The side-switch has a rubber cover in a slight recess which provides an audible click when operated. It is sealed with an O-ring for water resistance the head of the light.

Seat Belt Cutter Exposed

AT1730L – Photo courtesy of Aitec. Used with permission.

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Size vs. common aluminum 2-AA light
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Beam Profile
Detailed Information:The 1730L is a very interesting little flashlight. It is designed to be stored in an automobile and used as a flashlight under normal circumstances. In case of a crash, it has a sharp steel point on the end to break automotive glass and a seatbelt cutter hidden under the tailcap which can be pulled off with some effort.

The body of the light is anodized, machined aluminum on the outside. The spike at the end of the tailcap is reported to be steel. The seatbelt cutter housing appears to be a cast metal of unknown type with a sharp steel blade tucked inside in a manner which would prevent accidental contact. Giving the tailcap half of the body a good tug while holding on to the head of the light will remove the cover to expose the seatbelt cutter. The cover is held in place by a tight fitting O-ring around the base of the seatbelt cutter. The tailcap contains a sharp steel point for breaking glass and a hole where a lanyard can be attached.

The bezel contains a clear plastic lens, a silvered plastic reflector, and a single white 5mm LED. The Security Quality LED does not produce very much light at all and would be marginally usable in anything but extremely dark situations. The beam pattern is unusual with an off-center projection of the Security Quality LED die in a dim circle of light.

The switch is a simple click switch under a rubber cap which protrudes above the surface of the body just below the head of the light

To get to the 3 LR44 batteries, first pull off the seatbelt cutter cover. Then grab the seatbelt cutter and unscrew it from the head-half of the body. The button cells will drop out. Insert 3 new button cells negative first and replace the seatbelt cutter and the cover.

O-rings can be found at most of the potential areas of water entry, the exception being the battery compartment where it is sealed by the seatbelt cutting mechanism.

What I Liked: Not too much.

What I Didn’t Like: I don’t trust its water resistance, Very dim light, Seatbelt cutter cover difficult to remove, Easy to stab yourself in the hand with the sharp pointed end when trying to replace the seatbelt cutter cover, Batteries were a pain to replace.

Other Things I Noticed:

Conclusions: I would call this light a “Jack of all trades and a master of none.” I really didn’t care for it very much. It’s functional, produces light, and should work as a automotive rescue tool, but that’s about it.