Ray-O-Vac AdventureLite Headlamp

Light Type: Incandescent
Light Class: Headlamp
Short Description:The Adventure-Lite is made by Ray-O-Vac. This little headlamp is billed as a children’s headlamp but has some very durable qualities.The lamp uses a bi-pin bulb that is typical of a MiniMag flashlight. The bezel contains a smooth reflector and the beam is focusable. A spare bulb comes with the unit and is found behind the bezel. The clear plastic bezel is surrounded by removable rubber armored ring.

The lamp takes 2 AA batteries (not included) and the battery compartment is one piece with the bezel area. The entire lamp is attached with a pivot point to a padded plate which rests against the user’s forehead. The straps come with the unit and attachment is very simple. The straps are adjustable to an adult-size head.

The switch is a press-on, press off type found on the side of the battery compartment. The entire unit is watertight, utilizing O-ring type seals all the way around.

Package picture
Light picture
Bezel picture
As worn picture
Beam picture on ruler at 8″
Beam picture on painting at 6′, night balance
Reviewer’s Impressions:For a children’s headlamp, this unit displays surprisingly good qualities. It is focusable, watertight, and durable.

The battery compartment is a little tricky to get closed. To open, lift a tab on the side of the battery compartment. Getting the tab back in place when closing can be a bit tough if it isn’t lined up just right.

The switch can also be hard to press, requiring quite a bit of pressure. The switch is on one end of the battery compartment and is pressed in for on/off operation. I found the best technique for one handed operation required grasping the headlamp with the bezel against the palm of your hand and your thumb on the switch and middle finger on the other end of the battery compartment. Press on and off with the thumb.

Overall, though, the headlamp was very usable and would be fine for adults or childern. I would not be afraid at all to take this headlamp camping as a ‘setting up’ and ‘around the campsite’ headlamp regardless of the weather conditions.

+ + + Pluses: Watertight, focusable, adjustable, moderately durable, spare bulb
– – – Minuses: Light output moderate, poor beam quality (can be improved), battery compartment closing can be difficult, switch requires a lot of pressure to operate.